An eye opener on independent schools

Feb/02/2023 14:55:37

In Australia most schools are funded by the government; however, some schools are privately funded. Schools funded by the government are operated by the rules and regulations of the government while privately funded schools have independence in regards to how they run their school. Even the syllabus in the independent schools or private schools by whatever name they are called is independent of the rules and regulations set by the government. Some of the independent schools are run by Christian missionaries who inculcate Christian values in the children enrolled in these schools.

Independent schools decide how frequently they will hold their exams and what subjects they will teach their children. The kind of extracurricular activities that these schools impart to children is also decided by the management which is independent of the government. Independence schools generally have an easily manageable structure and resources at the disposal of the schools are plentiful. While government-funded schools wait for government legislation to change anything or approve of any asset acquisition, in independent schools most of the decisions are taken by the board of trustees who take fast decisions resulting in greater flexibility in the operation of the schools. Independent schools Sydney-wide enjoy a reputation for responsive administration.

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