5 facts to know about Shiraz wines

Sep/17/2022 00:18:41

Are you a wine-lover? Wines are one of the most classic alcoholic beverages. And, in Western culture, we prefer wines in most parties and even for a simple weekend dinner with families. There are many popular wines that you may have tried? Did you also try Shiraz wines? If yes, know some amazing facts about it!
• Do you know Shiraz is the most planted grapes in the world?
• Australia has the oldest Shiraz vines that produce tastiest wines and it is the second largest Shiraz wine producers.
• Although Shiraz is known to be from French Origin, but some claims that it is from Persia in Iran, because Shiraz is also a popular Iranian city.
• Shiraz is also popular as ‘Syrah’ wines which mean princess in Arabic.
• Shiraz wines are high in Antioxidants which controls weight loss, stress, anxiety, and also prevent heart disease.
• A bottle of Shiraz is made from maximum 600 to 800 grapes.
• Do you some of the popular Shiraz wines are made of white grapes instead of red grapes.
• You can enjoy Shiraz with chocolates, cheese, barbeques, roasted & grilled chickens, lamb burgers, vegetable salad, Italian pizzas, etc.

If you haven’t tried Shiraz wines till now, try the popular Wirra Wirra RSW Shiraz wines next time!

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