COVID-19 in America: Anti-Maskers

Aug/11/2020 22:32:04

America is now on top of the list for the most positive cases of COVID-19 reported. At least 3,544,000 positive cases have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite these alarming facts, there are people in America who don’t believe in wearing face masks.

Face masks are vital in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. They can reduce the spread by up to 85%. But, some Americans are refusing to wear face masks. They believe that it infringes on their rights. Now, there is a serious divide between those who believe in wearing face masks and those who are anti-maskers.

The matter of wearing face masks has even become political. President Trump was very reluctant to wear a face mask in public. There are some Republicans who are following in suit. Though, many Democrats do believe in wearing face masks.

The actions of anti-maskers can be questionable at best. Some are claiming that they have an “exemption” from wearing face masks in public. Others are mocking the mandate by wearing ineffective materials on their faces. These include materials such as mesh and lace. A lot of these people don’t believe that face masks work and are refusing to listen to health professionals. There are also a lot of false arguments going around that scientists and doctors don’t actually know what’s right. That despite their education, they are still for the wearing of masks.

But now, the coronavirus is only getting deadlier. More and more people are dying in the US every day. By not wearing face masks, more and more people are going to hospitals. Now, there is an influx of patients and hospitals are struggling to handle all of them.

Recently, on July 11, President Trump finally complied and wore a face mask himself. Hopefully, there will be stronger policies that will encourage more people in America to agree to wear face masks.

It’s alarming how many people are ignoring professional health advice and are choosing to endanger the public by not wearing face masks. There is even talk that the whole pandemic is a hoax. Some are thinking that is isn’t a coincidence that the pandemic fell in the same year as elections. What’s for sure, though, is that America is in a tough situation right now. If no changes are made, then the country could be looking at a nationwide lockdown.


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