Coronavirus Cases Rise Again in Beijing, China

Jul/14/2020 21:40:47

China had been going through a steady decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases found. Businesses were beginning to open up again and there were fewer restrictions. The situation was beginning to look good. But now, Beijing is experiencing a spike in cases. The coronavirus outbreak is proving to be more severe and persistent than we may have initially thought.

Because of the newfound COVID-19 cases in Beijing, flights to and from the city have been canceled. Traveling is becoming more restricted again, and some fear that a second wave could take place. When things were looking better, Beijing reported zero days without any domestically transmitted cases. Then there was one case. And after that, over the span of just a few days, the number rose even higher to 106 people.

A resurging number of positive coronavirus cases poses a serious problem for the public. There is already a huge strain on businesses and consumers. This just adds more uncertainty. Because of the rising number of cases in Beijing, other cities in China probably won’t open nearly as fast as hoped. Unemployment rates are predicted to rise even further. Due to the second wave, regrowth after the pandemic looks very far away.

The majority of the new infections can be traced back to Xinfadi. This is a major wholesale produce market in the center of Beijing. The consequences of shutting the market down are plenty. Because this produce market is so vital in Beijing, shutting it down will significantly lower the restaurant business and increase the cost of food. In addition to this, Beijing is reinstating more restrictions. This includes widespread temperature checks, even in places such as apartment compounds as people go in and out.

China is no stranger to the coronavirus though. First reports of the virus came from Wuhan, China. The exact cause of the outbreak is still unknown. Some speculate that it originated at a seafood market in Wuhan, but there’s evidence that proves otherwise.

In the beginning, China was very aggressive with restricting people so that the virus wouldn’t spread. Despite this, the virus still spread at an alarming rate, and before we knew it COVID-19 was found all over the world. The cases reported in Beijing are very few compared to the beginning of the pandemic. There are other countries such as the US that are being hit harder by the pandemic. But, it will be a while before China is free of the coronavirus.

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